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El Do Opens

__________       Hello everyone and welcome to Samsung Hall and the SFUSD Arts Festival.  

                         What a place, huh?

__________       We are singing scholars from El Dorado Elementary. 

__________       We open with song by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. 

__________       Its from 1975, but could’ve been written yesterday.

                                                Song – “WAKE UP EVERYBODY!”

__________       Please note that double negatives such as “The world won’t get no better,” should only be                             used in song lyrics, poetry, and quotation marks.

__________       Our next song is called “Voice of the People.”

__________       We rotate the names of civil rights leaders.

__________       Frederick Douglass just came back to the song on his 200th birthday.

                                                  Song – “VOTP”

___________     Of course, without language there is no voice?

___________     There are 6,909 living languages in the world today.

___________     ​Speaking of languages, vamos a cantar en español.

                                                  Song – “En español”

__________       Our last song is from a movie that celebrates the Mexican tradition of Dio de Los Muertes.

__________       Please feel free to sing along with us.

__________       Coming up next, Carver


__________       They will carry on with more songs. 

                                                   Song – “Remember Me”



El Do – Carver Transition

__________       Let’s give it up again for El Dorado Elementary.


__________       Yes, we at Carver Elementary also like to practice

​                           Arts Integration?


__________       Arts Integration?  What’s that?

__________       Learning other subjects when making art.


__________       Anyhow, a good place to start is the beat.


__________       To open our part of the show, we introduce Mr. Cooper-Smith and our drum core.

                                                               2 Drum Songs

__________       We now present one of the songs we learned from Flocabulary.

__________       It tells the story of Dr. George Washington Carver.

__________       _____________________________________________

__________       _____________________________________________

                                             Song – “Three Names George Washington Carver “



__________       Last week, on March 14, we celebrated International Pi Day by singing this next song.

__________       Stop it! You’re making me hungry.

__________       We’re not talking that kind of pie.



                                                          Song – “The Pi Song”

                                                       What is the meaning of Pi?

                                               We’re not talking about Granny’s pie.

                                            We’re talking about the secret of a circle.

                                                Oh where would we be without Pi?



Subsitute Apple, then Pizza


Then 3.141592653589……    .

__________       Our next song requires not introduction.



Song – “Parts of Speech”


Parts of Speech: Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adverbs,

                           Adjectives, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjections!


__________       Our final song reminds us that change begins with us

                          and continues with us working together.

__________       It is from the TV Show “Empire.”

__________       We invite you to sing along, adding voice to power.

                                                                        Song – “Powerful”

__________       Stick around!  Bessie Carmichael Elementary will bring us some more songs to learn by.

Carver – Bessie Transition


__________       Let’s give it up again for Carver. 

                          “Powerful,” we love that song!

__________       First up from Bessie Carmichael, a small group under the direction of Maggie De Guzman.

                  Performance by Ms. De Guzman and guests

__________       2nd grade will now join them to sing some songs.

If you are tired of seeing Mr. Peter, we are his last school performing today.

__________       We are also by far his largest group here today.

__________       Why do we have so many?

__________       Because our school is close enough to walk, and we didn't have to take buses.

__________       That makes our first song quite ironic.

                                                            Song – “Transportation”


__________       Our next song has led to some debate.


__________       A few years ago, a first grader argued with Mr. Peter that there were 5 oceans,

                         not 4 like most grown ups learned in grade school.  To prove his case, the first grader                                     brought a book that showed the ocean area around Antarctica as “The Southern Ocean.” 

___________     Some still hold on to the notion that there are 4 oceans.

                         When you think about it, there is only one big ocean, because they are all connected.

                                                            Song – “It’s a Cycle.”

__________       And now, “The Rock Song.”

                                                            Song – The Rock Song

__________       Well, it looks like we are almost out of time. 


__________       Together, our three schools have covered many topics.


__________       We close our trilogy with “Cooperation.”


__________       Thanks to the Asian Art Museum and VAPA for hosting us today.

___________     Thanks to our families, teachers, and friends for their support.

___________     And of course, thank you, the audience, for sharing part of your day with us.

                                                               Song – “Cooperation”

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