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        The Eagle and the Frog

                         By Zach and Ethan

                   (3rd Graders at Carver Elementary)


Setting:           On the street at 4 AM

Characters:    Eagle, Frog, Narrator

Narrator:      The frog was hopping down the street.  The eagle was flying by.


Eagle:          Hello Frog.  Do you want to be my friend?


Narrator:      The eagle lands by the frog.


Frog:            Hello Eagle.  Yes, I’ll be your friend?  Can you fly me to a place?


Eagle:          Yes, I will.  Where do you want to go?


Frog:            I want to go to the pond.


Eagle:          Can you tell me where the pond is?


Frog:            It’s right up the hill.


Eagle:          Yes, let’s go eat some insects.


Frog:            And Gucci noodles?  You know me.


Eagle:          And Gucci bacon too?  I’m starting to get hungry. 

                    Come closer.  Come closer.  There you go.


Narrator:      Boom, he ate the frog. 


Eagle:          That tasted like Gucci Noodles.


Narrator:      The end.

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