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(1 mistake)                                                    


a bird sat on my head.


The sad snakes is crying.


Her Hat is big and floppy.

The cookie are too pretty to eat.


A black bird sits in the tree

my hair grew to my feet.


(two mistakes)


Old Uncle joe liker to sing.


The alligator are wearing a curly wig


Ratts enjoy eating cheese,

The candy maker taste the fancy lollipop?

This pants are to short on me!


Grandma waved to the children inside in the yard?


(four mistakes)


An furious Pig splashed mud at the por rooster?


the poodle's grandma enjoys kniting frum her grand-babys back.


Secret Agent drake were hiding behide the stretch limousine 

she through the foot ball to her friend on top of the tall building

The monkeys was singing to each other from diferent trees on the forest?

the wizards daughter takes her pet ostrich for walk's in his favorite garden

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