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              Song:   This World of Art (Studio Habits of Mind)                                 









Chorus:                     G  Studio habits of mind,

             G C G Am G D How can they support our creativity?

                                  G  Focus the work and you’ll find,    

                       C G D G  Success in productivity,


D     Develop Craft,

CG  Engage and Persist,

D     Envision the draft,

CG  Express, like you can’t resist?

D     Observe what’s all around,

Em   Reflect on what you see,

C     Stretch and Explore beyond what 

D     you thought you could be,


CGDG And understand you play a part in this world of art,   

            You play a part in this world of art.              


                   C               D           G

Chorus:              Studio habits of mind,

                           How can they support our creativity?

                           Focus the work and you’ll find,    

                           Success in productivity,


Take a class in your field,

Push yourself to the task

Imagination revealed,

Can you feel it, I ask?

Take note of the room,

And bring your answer to the floor,

When the urge comes to grow let yourself out the door,


And understand you play a part in this world of art,

You play a part in this world of art.               (Repeat)

    Agenda for Performing Arts Segment


9:45 - 10:00         Warming Up and Building Ensemble

                            Standing, Breathing, Sitting Together


                            Call/Response Activities    Mr. Peter Intro

                                                "Greeting Song"

                                                 Lips, Teeth, Tongue, Breath

                                                 Phonics and Numbers

                             Ensemble Building

                                               Mirroring to the Music The Alphabet Song

                                                 Ball Toss

                                   Quickly Round the Zoom

                                                Your Name (As you are called by friends/family)

                                                Your Name (As you are called by students)

                                        Dance, Music, Visual Arts, Acting

                                                                       (If you had to choose one, which do you connect with most)

10:00 - 10:15        Arts Integration

                             Classroom Teacher - Art Connection


Knowledge and logic, when interpreted through physical action and vocalization, when draw, painted, or sculpted grows roots that connect to our souls.  Arts Integration helps create a climate of joyful learning.  It allows us to share and experience knowledge together.  

"Break Out" to discuss the following:

Stand out experiences in the arts as a student K-12

Stand out experiences in the arts as a teacher

Return for brief discussion and sharing of resources

Topics:  Importance of partnership between classroom teachers and Arts Providers, 

                    Classroom Teachers as an Arts Resource

California Arts Standards

CMC (Community Music Center)

SF Symphony


SF Ballet

SF Opera

ODC (Oberlin Dance Collective)

Stage Write

SFUSD Mariachi

Peter's YouTube

Improvisation Ideas

10:15         Play Reading, Playwriting, Improvisation

                  Songs (example - "Voice of the People")

This song always starts with "Martin Luther King was a voice of the people"

Students suggest 3 other civil rights leaders of the past to sing about such as


                   Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells, Frederick Douglass

Students suggest 1 present day voice such as Ketanji Brown Jackson

Finally, students always conclude with ("I am a voice of the people") followed by

"We keep dreaming Martin Luther King's dream" repeated multiple times.

Playwriting - In pairs or small groups, choose a photo.

                             Decide on setting and characters.

                             Create a short scene inspired by the photo.


Example:         "Ready, Set, Flutter"

Setting:              Backstage, Before a Performance

Characters:       Narrator

                          3 Dancers dressed as Butterflies (Blue, Pink, and Yellow)

Narrator:            Three dancers are huddled backstage ,

                          They are waiting for the show to begin.

Blue Butterfly:    Why is it taking so long for the music to start?

Pink Butterfly:     I heard we're waiting for Beyoncé.

Blue Butterfly:      What?

Pink Butterfly:      Beyoncé is supposed to be coming.  

                            She's running behind schedule.

Yellow Butterfly:   Why is she coming to our show?

Pink Butterfly:      Maybe she's looking for dancers for the next tour.

Yellow Butterfly:   What? I was stagefright before, now I'm really nervous.

Narrator:              The music begins, signalling the start of the show.

                            Blue and Pink butterflies start fluttering.  

                            Yellow Butterfly seems frozen in fear.

Blue Butterfly:      Time to fly, Yellow.  Time to fly

Narrator:              The yellow butterfly starts flapping to match the rhythm.

All 3 Butterflies:   Ready, set, flutter.

They fly off to the stage.

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